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    remember when tyler joseph flipped off the camera at the mtv movie awards


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  2. Writing music is hard and my hand hurts from playing guitar

  3. Who would you consider your best friend(s)?


    Um well there’s a real life person named emily and a tumblr person named taylor shes downzeealleyway and shes fab you should follow her. Who is this?

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    Teaser photos from ‘happy birthday’ video from @rexarrow on Instagram

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    "another boring night @zacfarro @ajotahola @tayloryorkyall" - via @thenameisgavin

  6. Shout out one time to ed sheeran for getting a song on a maybelline commercial

  7. crushcrushcrush








    So I accidentally started playing the vocal-only-version of crushcrushcrush in two tabs

    oh my god beautiful mistake

    Orgasms. Ejaculated semen EVEYWHERE.


    what the..


    this is literally just so omg i literally cant

    still one of my favourite things on this website

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  9. riyal:

    let’s watch movies in just our underwear and kiss a lot

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  10. dontclimbanymore:

    when you’re listening to car radio  and you get to the part where hes like yelling do you feel like climbing up on your roof and yelling to the whole neighborhood “AND NOW I JUST SIT IN SILENCE” and doing the arm thing

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  12. If bands had names after what they actually meant

    • Fall Out Boy:   Fall Out Dads And Andy
    • Panic! At The Disco:   What The Hell! Is Our Genera Supposed To Be?
    • My Chemical Romance:   My I Still Haven't Gotten Over The Break Up Romance
    • Arctic Monkeys:   Bad Ass Music Made By Bad Ass People
    • Twenty One Pilots:   Sad Music Made To Sound Happy
    • Green Day:   Lets Make Drug Jokes And See If People Get It
    • Blink-182:   We Write Songs About Divorce and Fucking Dogs
    • All Time Low:   We're So Pop Punk We Should Be Called Bang Punk
    • Paramore:   Haley Williams and Co.